Creative Wall Decor 3D printed


Amazing 3D printed art pieces are now available for use as creative wall decor. The creativity invested into these digital sculptures is marvellous.

Creative Wall Decor 3D printed_________

“Shapeways”, is a well-known web based 3D printing company based in New York and the Netherlands.   Their on-line designer shops exhibit a treasure-trove of incredibly intricate art (mixed up with many weird and wacky creations). If you are willing to spend some time patiently browsing, you will find designs perfect for awe-inspiring wall decor. The creativity and thought that these 3D designers have invested into their digital sculptures is marvellous.

Understanding Materials and Colors

Shapeways and other 3D printing companies such as imaterialize are able produce 3D prints in a large variety of materials and colors, ranging from metals and plastics to colored powders.  The important thing to understand is that any given design will only be suitable for 3D printing in some of these materials.  Never fear however because the software on the website cleverly eliminates material options which are incompatible with the design.  So you as a customer will only see a preview of your design in suitable materials.  You simply select the one you like and the software calculates a price.

Some materials are unsuitable for a particular design because of the properties of that material such as strength and brittleness.  Also, each type of 3D printer has limitations such as the maximum size of model it can handle.

3D printed objects may be colored in three main ways.  Firstly the raw material from which the object is made can be colored.  Secondly, an object could be dyed or painted by the printing service after printing.  Finally, some 3D printers can print colors in the object as it’s being printed, producing almost photographic quality detail.

Here is just a brief view of four artists and their works, which are available on Shapeways and elsewhere.


Janelle Wilson, an Australian with a fine jewellery and graphic design background has created unellenu designs. Equally inspired by nature and technology, the latest unellenu works find inspiration in mathematical and fractal art, occasionally incorporating other geometric and graphic elements. Since childhood Janelle has been passionate about art and design, and has enjoyed drawing and creating art objects.

Janelle’s creative wall decor “3D printed horns” doubles as a wearable art headpiece. Her spheroidal “Concentric Design sculpture/ small light cover” is used with an L.E.D candle or other small, safe light source.

Joaquin Baldwin

Joaquin Baldwin is a film director and animator from Los Angeles who was born in Paraguay. Joaquin studied at the University of California and has made three award winning digitally animated films at the UCLA animation workshop.

He currently works at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Joaquin describes his “Phoenix Egg Lamp” thus… “Glowing from the inside with the delicate complexity of a Fabergé egg, this lamp represents the fiery hatching of a phoenix egg.  The base echoes the sharp shapes of fire, as well as the mathematical perfection of a lotus flower.”

I love the beautiful complexity of this structure. I think it would even make a magnificent design for a building, with the spikey columns at the base supporting the roof of a grand foyer

This large sculpture is one of the most complex and beautiful 3D printed pieces I’ve seen.  The interlocking strips and the asymmetry of the overall spiral motif must surely have made the design process incredibly time consuming.  Awesome patience is necessary to trouble-shoot a digital model of this complexity for 3D printer compatibility.



Xuberance is an award winning Shanghai based 3D print design company founded in Vienna in 2008 by Steven Ma and friends. Their designs are in a class of their own when it comes to intricacy and quality and their prices reflect this. Although their motifs are ostensibly modern and abstract, the influence of traditional Chinese master carvers of jade, ivory and lacquer is still evident.


Simon Strauss

Simon Strauss is a 3D artist from Singapore who has studied architecture at University in Indonesia.  He has worked as a Freelance designer and Game Artist and is also involved with Unocase a company that produces striking laser etched wooden cell-phone cases.