About Koogee Brown

Allan (Koogee) Brown began exploring 3D computer graphics with “Blender 3D” in 2013.  A long experiment in self directed learning began covering Advanced computer graphics, 3D printing, web design, content marketing, art history, craft techniques, writing skills, photography, and blogging.

Koogee is known for his quirky sense of humour, his eccentricities and his unique view of the world.  Choosing to take a redundancy payout after a corporate restructure in 2013, Koogee was left with a deep loathing of corporate culture.  Contemplating his mortality, and belatedly accepting his lifelong difficulties with Asperger’s syndrome Koogee decided on a life makeover.

“I love arts and crafts, digital art and 3D printing.  I am exploring the creative potential of 3D printed art merged with traditional craft materials and techniques.”  

Koogee is an Australian, born in rural New South Wales, and now lives in sub-tropical Brisbane, Queensland.  Besides his 3D printed art interests Koogee is a father of three, a talented jazz pianist, and a medical laboratory scientist.