Science Art – Paperclip Bowl

Science Art – Paperclip Bowl



100 ml Volumetric flask

Science Art – 3D printed paperclip bowl with lid in the form of a laboratory flask embossed with molecule and bubble motifs and incongruously – cats.


Chemistry Laboratory

PHASES OF WATER: SOLID, LIQUID & GASEOUS Boiling Water Reaches Gaseous State. When the temperature rises above 100 deg. C., water turns to steam;, which rises & escapes from the beaker. At boiling point, bubbles of steam form in the liquid.

The strange shapes of bubbles.

I worked as a medical lab technician for many years in both Australia and New Zealand. There are many things I loved about the work, the wonderful friends I made, but also chemistry, science and technology.

Science Art

The Discovery of Catalysts 1886:- Science Art by Koogee Brown *

*Image Attributions for “The Discovery of Catalysts 1886”

POP! By Dylan Luder  on Flickr

DSC_0721 by Ryan  on Flickr

Dasha on Flickr

MET kinase bound to LY28001653 by Enzymlogic  on Flickr

capsaicin by Geoff Hutchison  on Flickr

The Agony of leaving a Job

I believe workmates are like a family and the workplace is a second home.  How painful then to be moved to an untenable position and with great reluctance choose to resign. That familiar place then turned into luxury offices for the corporate sycophants.  They call this chaos a “restructure” and it looks good on their resume.  Such is corporate life.


A study indicated that surprisingly few organizations provide an ethical approach to dismissal during restructuring.

Sadly my loathing of managers and the corporate system is now so visceral that I choose to solve my own problems.  The corporates have lost me forever (as if they would care !).








This is an easy one – who doesn’t  love cats?  But incorporating them into my design is off-theme.Ryan  Why did I add them ?  Because I wanted to.  The joke about a Cat-alysed reaction is best appreciated by chemistry nerds like me.



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