Optical Art – Aurora Memoria

Optical Art – “Aurora Memoria”



This optical art depicts a moment of sadness.  The eye makes a hypnotic optical art pattern created by moving overlapping radial disks.  The movement is wind driven.  Hang the “Aurora Memoria” in a breezy place to see an ever changing Moiré pattern. ( like wind chimes ).  The title means “dawn memories”.  The parts are 3D printed by Shapeways and just click together.

Optical Art

Decorated version by Koogee Brown


Her soulful eyes

The “eyes are the window to the soul” goes the saying and I think that’s true.  The changing pattern in this lady’s eyes expresses profound emotions felt when meeting another persons gaze.

Morning Sadness

I went through a period when I felt unaccountably sad first thing in the morning.  Was it something my mind had been mulling over while I slept?  I don’t know, but I’ve crafted the pendulum structure in this work in the form of stylized tears.


Moiré patterns

Moiré patterns are everywhere when you look.  Any pair of overlapping regular patterns is likely to make this type of pattern.  Basically it’s because dark or light lines add together in some places and not others.  Moiré patterns are related to interference pattens produced by overlapping waves, which are in turn related to quantum theory.  Quantum phenomena remain fundamentally unexplained after over one-hundred years of scientific experiment and theory.  

The fun of a mechanical challenge

When I saw the wonderful moire patterns created by the Elica Team on Youtube I wanted to incorporate the patterns into a piece of 3D printed optical art.

The challenge was to make the work a functional and beautiful wind powered machine that was 3D printable.  It was not easy.  I encountered problems harvesting enough wind energy,  getting the correct centre of gravity and balancing strength against weight.  Eventually, after three prototypes I was able to get everything right.

Enjoy! smily

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