Nature Art – Empire of the Beetle

nature art- Empire of the Beetle by Koogee Brown

Nature Art – Empire of the Beetle by Koogee Brown

Background Image Modified from “Scotch Thistle at Fifty Point Conservation Area” by Richard BH on Flickr


Nature Art – Empire of the Beetle by Koogee Brown.  A 3D digital composition featuring a digitally created Scotch Thistle flower, Lady Bug, and Thistle leaf.  Software tools Blender 3D and Gimp.

Nature Art Influences

Looking for Something Sharp

After teaching myself Blender 3D open source 3D software I decided to develop my skills by modelling an object with sharp edges.  A scotch thistle flower came to mind as something that would be real challenge to portray in 3D and so it proved to be.   The amount of biology I had to research to make a realistic model of both the flower and the ladybug was amazing.

Little Spiders

Every picture of the thistle flower I saw had a layer of white shiny fur between the thorns.  After a while it dawned on me at this material was spiders web and that I had to include it in my model.  My success modelling the web is a testament to the incredible capabilities of Blender.


A real thistle dwelling spider.



Simulated spiders web between the thorns.

Making a Complete Composition

After putting so much effort into the thistle flower model I wanted to make a full nature art composition.  I felt I needed something to add interest and a ladybug sitting on a leaf came to mind.


A Ladybug beetle is an alien monster up close!

Little Hairs

A close inspection of images of thistle leaves and ladybugs shows that both have many tiny hairs.  Again Blender came to the rescue with it’s built in hair simulator.


Nature Art

Simulated Leaf hairs



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