Flower Pot Ideas – The Sun Queen Planter

flower pot ideas

The Sun Queen Teacup Planter – 3D printed ceramic.  Artwork and sculpture by Koogee Brown


flower pot ideas

The Sun Queen Teacup Planter – 3D printed ceramic. Design by Koogee Brown.




This original teacup design by Koogee Brown features the  powerful  Sun Queen surveying her cosmic realm.  Produced using 3D printing technology the material is none the less normal ceramic and food safe.  Use as a teacup or a cute little planter if you’re looking for flower pot ideas.


4D spacetime

Most of us know about Einstein combining space and time into a strangely curved entity in his General Theory of Relativity.


Curved space-time visualised with a hyperbolic grid. The radio signal from the space probe is bent.  This is due to the curvature of space/time resulting from the massive sun.

But Einstein didn’t mean that space or time is curved in any way that we can imagine (he couldn’t either).  He used complex math to describe how space /time is curved four dimensionally, whatever that may mean.  Nevertheless a good analogy in three dimensions is a hyperbolically curved bowl shape.    A rolling ball bearing will trace out an elliptical path inside the bowl just like a little planet (ignoring friction).

sun art

The original concept featured a black saucer bowl with a hyperbolic surface representing curved space/ time.


Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.  (Hutson, Matthew (2012). The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy) via wikipedia.

Of course we all know this, bombarded as we are from a young age with anthropomorphic illustrations of every kind.  Especially in children’s books.  So I put a human face on my sun to make it easier to understand it’s immense power.  Although a person with high-functioning autism like myself  would have been just as thrilled with a scientifically correct depiction of the sun. :-)


Early cinematic spoof of the first journey to the moon.



Old fashioned heavily riveted goggles are a common motif in steampunk art and fashion.  I wanted to include sunglasses in my sun art to suggest glare and brightness but I think the goggles  are more interesting.

Solar Flares


Massive Solar prominence. A coronal magnetic phenomena.

I’ve shaped the handle and feet of my cup to suggest the shapes of solar flares or more correctly a solar prominence. (below)








flower pot ideas

Sun Art














Enjoy ! :-)








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