Flower Bracelet for Prom – 3D printed Roses

Flower Bracelet for Prom – 3D printed Roses


flower bracelet for prom

The beauty of Roses. Image “Rose 4” by Casey Lewis on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/jclewis33/

This beautiful bangle was designed as a flower bracelet for prom.  It is made of super strong 3D printed nylon and is hand painted and decorated by the artist.  Koogee has experimented with various finishes and added charms and tassels for movement.

flower bracelet for prom

Flower Bracelet Digital design.


Koogee drew inspiration for the design from the daisy chain bracelets he made as a child in outback Australia.


The design allows the two ends to stretch apart when putting the bracelet on.

The “springy” nature of the material means it will fit a range of wrist sizes. A clasp and chain allow for adjustments.

Dimensions:- Outer extents 80 – 90 mm, Width 30mm approximately.
Outer extents 3.1 inches to 3.5 inches, Width 1.2 inches approximately.

Check out the different colors on ETSY


Koogee has an ETSY shop called "Horizon Tree Productions"