Keyholder “Dianthe” sculptural 3D printed

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The “Dianthe” Keyholder


A sculptural Keyholder in the form of cradled hands by Australian 3D print artist Koogee Brown.

The keyholder design is an original, created by Koogee in his home office in Brisbane Australia.

Made from super strong 3D printed laser sintered nylon.

Provision has been made for wall fixing either with screws or 3M picture hanging strips.

Hang your keys over the fingers or place them into two capable hands.

Dimensions W = 148mm, H = 95mm, Depth = 50mm
5.8 inches X 3.7 inches X 2 inches


The Beauty of Hands

I think the human hand is one of the most beautiful things in all nature.  The complexity and dexterity of this marvellous structure form the interface between the human mind and all it creates.

A Homunculus diagram shows the large areas of the brain devoted to both the fingers sense of touch and control of the hands.


In the reality though, most of the muscles, which for example give a great pianist such superb hand control, are in the forearm.  So Oscar Peterson must have had beautiful forearms as well as hands!


 Initial Concept

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.59.24 pm

In common with the 125 million people who bought E.L James’s  “Fifty Shades of Grey”,  I find Dominant/ Submissive and gorean art interesting.  I’m not a psychologist so I don’t know why,  but since it’s so common I guess it’s something deep within the human psyche.

As you see my initial idea was to have masculine hands holding a reclining nude female.  Thus the domination theme.


Completed Design

I settled on a final design featuring cupped hands with the fingers acting as keyholders.

First, I wimped out on the naked women thing (what would everyone think of me).  I was just starting in art and hadn’t beed exposed to as much art as now.  Second, I found it difficult to arrive at a natural pose for a figure reclining in two giant hands.  To get it right I guess you would need a full size prop and a nude model.  Thirdly I wanted to make my design a practical object, hence the keyholder idea.

Keyholder mesh in Blender 3D.

Keyholder mesh in Blender 3D.


Digital Artwork

keyholder inspiration

An ancient Greek princess (Dianthe), is captured by the Persians during their invasion of Greece in 480 BC. She stands distraught in front of the burning Parthenon with bound hands. Background Image modified from Nashville Parthenon HDR by Will Powell on Flickr

To help promote my keyholder on Shapeways I decided to make some digital art (See on DeviantArt)    An ancient Greek princess (Dianthe), is captured by the Persians during their invasion of Greece in 480 BC.  She stands distraught in front of the burning Parthenon with bound hands.  (In keeping with the original BDSM theme)

Keyholder inspiration.

Keyholder inspiration.

I’m proud of this art and I learnt a lot making it but I think the amount of work involved demands that it be a stand-alone piece.  See page.






To learn more about how the keyholder was designed and made see How it’s made.

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Koogee has an ETSY shop called "Horizon Tree Productions"