Art Nouveau Style Bracelet


Art Nouveau Style Bracelet Series

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This is a mixed media bracelet featuring an original Art Nouveau design by Koogee Brown.  The 3D printed filigree work is hand decorated and mounted on a wooden bangle base.
At present the bracelet is available in stained wood or gloss black finish.  A variety of schemes will be available in future as I experiment with various textures and colour combinations.


Art Nouveau Style Bracelet – wood


 Art Nouveau 

The Art Nouveau style was most popular between 1890 and 1910.  Characterised by distinctive motifs,  it appears in diverse art works from this period. From decorative art such as furniture, ceramics and jewellery to graphic art and painting.

art nouveau style

Loetz Titania Green Art Glass Vase with silver overlay ~ early 20th century, art noveau, bohemian.

art nouveau style

Art Nouveau – Verseuse à Café




Wonderful Curves

Antique French Rococo Walnut Armoire

Antique French Rococo Walnut Armoire

The decorative curves, which appear in Art Nouveau, are the most distinctive characteristic of the style.  The scrollwork on these items (left & below) from the earlier Regency and Rococo periods consists of arcs, spirals and abstract leaf elements.


An English Regency Period Round Mirror

An English Regency Period Round Mirror


art nouveau style

Beautiful Vintage French Art Nouveau Maiden Vanity Mirror


By contrast, in this Art Nouveau style mirror (right) the flowing curves are not arcs or spirals but are better described as hyperbolas or parabolas.  The leaf and flower motifs remain.  Mathematics calls hyperbolas and parabolas “Conic Sections” because slicing a cone makes them.




Nature Motifs in Art Nouveau


Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

art nouveau style

Art Nouveau Calla Lilies Vase. Austria. Circa 1900.

There are various recurring plants and animals found in Art Nouveau.  I’ve used the Calla Lilly in my bracelet design.  The leaves of the Ginkgo Tree and the Dragonfly  were also popular elements.
















The beautiful grain of stained and varnished wood reminds me of the furniture that my Dad used to make and I’ve always loved it.



art nouveau style

Art Nouveau Style Bracelet- Timber

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