Abstract Sculpture – The Goddess of Tranquility

Abstract Sculpture – The Goddess of Tranquility


A 3D printed abstract sculpture of a nude Goddess figure with cupped outstretched hands.  Designed to be wall mounted as a hanger for keys or jewellery or just as art.

Abstract Sculpture - The Goddess of Tranquility

Abstract Sculpture – The Goddess of Tranquility. Faux patinated brass finish.

It is available direct from Shapeways 3D printing service in various finishes.    A version, hand decorated by the artist with an aged brass patina will soon be available from the ETSY shop as a “made to order” item.


Renaissance Perspective Painting


The Lamentation of Christ is a painting of about 1480 by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna. (1475 to 1501, probably 1480s)

When the use of perspective in art was new in the Renaissance period, Mantegna painted his “Lamentation of Christ” (shown above).  I’ve used a similar extreme perspective view in my abstract sculpture.  It’s limitation in sculpture is that the perspective effect is only seen from the front.  Yet I enjoy the side view.  To me her bizarre large hands  seem to emphasis her compassion.

The Quest for Tranquility

Few achieve a state of absolute peace, acceptance and calm.  Most people strive for this state of contentment through the acquisition of material wealth.  Yet instinctively we know that the real solution lies within.

Abstract Sculpture - The Goddess of Tranquility

The Goddess of Tranquility – Digital Art by Koogee Brown Background Image modified from “Mountain Creek Australia” by https://www.flickr.com/photos/bantam10/

Imagine that one-day while walking through the forest you come upon a sparkling river – the dominion of the Goddess of Tranquillity.  Found only by those ready to cease being insatiable and just exist.  She reaches out and confers a state of utter calm upon you.  From this day forth, external events can never disturb your tranquillity.  You are serene and satisfied even if surrounded by a sea of troubles.



A practical object.

The sculpture is made from 3D printed laser sintered nylon, which is very strong.  This is not an abstract sculpture to be treated with extreme reverence. Ours is in the kitchen at eye level and we use it to hold keys, cards, and anything that needs to be in a prominent place.





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